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I wanna create a thread called #GifHistory. Send a gif that you want to know the backstory…

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I wanna create a thread called #GifHistory. Send a gif that you want to know the backstory to and we’ll try to find the original video.

First up: t.co/KyFAw3Co3N

The original video is from a rap battle on Desawn Raw’s youtube channel from his alter ego Supa Hot Fire. t.co/tf1lWl5upk

His Youtube Channel: t.co/Qh7ET2hcYT


#GifHistory t.co/SB4Sdggm0E
This is from the URL (Ultimate Rap League) Rap Battle: Conceited vs Jesse Jamez

Here’s a link to the original video: t.co/LwbS7jaFqp



#GifHistory t.co/1OstXkISgx
This Michelle Obama gif was from BET’s « Love & Happiness » musical celebration at the White House honoring the Obamas.

Michelle was rocking out to The Roots & Jill Scott performing « You Got Me » live.



#GifHistory t.co/hsRZ5CkzSE
This comes from the Meme King Chae Hyungwon from the K-Pop Group @OfficialMonstaX. This was during the Kangnam Fansign Event.

#MonBebes #GifHistory t.co/Ap1ogfGCon

#GifHistory t.co/qoj59HwMJ5
From an episode of Yogi Oki Doki’s Yoga Farm.

Gif starts :51 seconds in

#GifHistory t.co/29zDJfQe7s

#GifHistory t.co/2GUiZuRH36
Can’t find the video but here’s an article about it t.co/eV3nu9CxM7


#GifHistory t.co/msqgmZcmFK
This epic side eye was from an audience member at the Wendy Williams show during a segment where she was talking about Khloe Kardashian’s Daddy Drama.

#GifHistory t.co/rW06Y0lX5m

#GifHistory t.co/s0zKH7detx
This gif is from the 1992 American Music Awards where Natalie Cole won the award for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist. Whitney Houston was in the crowd showing love.

#GifHistory t.co/FIoXhJ3Ksn

#GifHistory t.co/BZpCHqvQ8q
This is from an episode 11 of season 1 of the Wire where Stringer tells Wee Bey that the woman he shot was a cop. t.co/SqzcSJKCRg
#GifHistory t.co/WKGFY6IgWS
This kid got mistaken for Terio in a Popeyes and hilarity ensued. This was a Vine classic.

#GifHistory t.co/bIjK52KMt5

#GifHistory t.co/VqEeBxMd27
This is from a funny @Buzzfeed video that @quintabrunson was in titled « When he tells you to chill » t.co/moDde10UW0


#GifHistory t.co/BInTbGHNGL
From Italian Spiderman Trailer

Starts :25 seconds in

#GifTrailer t.co/7MDdpBD0Jr

#GifHistory t.co/M4gKRyPB1h
This is from a great @Vine from the disappearing God Retro Spectro & @youfunnyb titled « When you not tryna to get jumped »

#GifHistory t.co/NQx7ZHxQ1p

#GifHistory t.co/3qU7UK6D5j
This video is from a TMZ video of Rihanna clowning a TMZ photographer

Starts 49 seconds in:

#GifHistory t.co/5ZR3XDuhzd

#GifHistory t.co/Ie5g2MRjm8
This is from season 1 of Flavor Of Love where New York clowns Hottie for saying she looks like Beyonce.

Starts 41 seconds in

#GifHistory t.co/PjJznRzflc

#GifHistory t.co/LjmDnfF7wd
This video is from the website Giant Bomb. They run a regular series called Unprofessional Fridays, where they stream games and talk about them. The original video that started the meme happened during a stream of the game Starbound.

Look at the top left corner.

#GifHistory t.co/k6sr1AkemR

#GifHistory t.co/AefS6rSJuP
This is Da’Vonne Rogers from Season 17 of Big Brother



#GifHistory t.co/5ELowTXh3i
Video is from Coldplay’s Lovers In Japan BBC Concert.

Video of Jay-z nodding his head is 21 seconds in

#GifHistory t.co/6zil3VksVK

#GifHistory t.co/Nzfk3UG4F1
This gif is from actor Kayode Ewumi portraying the character Reece Simpson (a.k.a. “Roll Safe”) in the web series Hood Documentary.

Starts 1:29 In

#GifHistory t.co/HawwNEx0Ht

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