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You know what, a part of me does feel at peace, but there is a part of…

You know what, a part of me does feel at peace, but there is a part of me that is full of anger. Being angry at the fact that I have been lied to for so many years by conservative media, like Fox News and minor B rated media outlets. I am frustrated to find out there is a
Whole other America out there than the majority of white christian conservatives. I am angry to find out that there are lots of liberal Democrats that actually do support the Military and Veterans, because the conservative talking point reports that they don’t care about Military
the lie that liberals and Democrats care about illegal aliens more than American citizens, this is also a lie. Liberal Democrats care about humanity. There are so many different movements in the Democratic party that conservative media never reports, and many have diff. ideas on
immigration. Many do support close borders, many do support amnesty there are a variety of ideas in the Democratic party that people fight for, but one thing is for sure the main message that conservative pundits get wrong we are against families being separated at the border.
Another lie from conservative pundits, no one wants to take your guns, and you know what, @BarackObama is right, many like to cling to their guns and bibles. Liberal Dems want common sense laws. Making sure weapons don’t go to the wrong hands. Making sure military weapons are not
in the hands of civilians. All Americans want security, but the right security. The US Constitution is not an absolute document and it’s wrong for lobbyist like the @NRA to bribe politicians into not making the right laws to keep Americans safe.
I am angry how conservative media demonizes an entire religion of Islam and the Arabic people calling it a cult, terrorists, murderers and pedophiles. I have met some amazing Muslims on Twitter. There are good and bad in all religions, extremists in every faith.
I am angry how conservative media and pundits feel that feel that only patriotism is about caring more about a cloth than the black communities injustice of police brutality. Telling black Americans to shut up and dribble who exercise their right of free speech, Trump encouraging
punitive actions on black Football players which by all means unconstitutional. People have been demanding sport players to be role models, we now have that and same people condemn them for standing up for their people? Where is the logic? Since I have turned off Fox, I see
Police, the guys who Fox and other conservative media outlets encourage their viewers to worship beating the hell out of black men, sometimes black women, murdering back teens there is so much of it going on everyday. Racism is still alive in Trump’s America.
I am also angry that Fox and con media couldn’t possibly have reported anything good Obama and Hillary have done. Majority of conservatives feel they are the enemy and that’s wrong.
I have learned so much because of dialoging and discourse, realizing Obama wanted conservatives to see the other America. Black Americans, Latino Americans, Muslim Americans, the world doesn’t revolve around conservatives. I have learned about importance of climate change.
LBGT community do have rights and should be treated equally like everyone else. If transgenders want to serve in the Military, hell let them. Only 1 percent of Americans sign up. Discrimination towards their community needs to end.
There’s so much more that I have learned, so many people I have spoken with after realizing how important discourse was. I feel this is a story that is bigger than myself. It needs to be shared, enough lies, enough propaganda, enough racism. I don’t want to be part that movement
If that makes me a member of the #Resistance so be it. Good night.

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