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It doesn’t matter if this is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many times its fact-checked. It is…

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It doesn’t matter if this is wrong.

It doesn’t matter how many times its fact-checked.

It is another example of how Leavers continue to bamboozle Remainers by playing an entirely different game. [thread] t.co/R5tU5G5KS2

DK’s tweet isn’t about facts (so fact-checking is a waste of time) – it tells a story about Britain. It’s the same story Leavers have been repeating for the past year:

‘Britain managed to overcome adversity before, we’ll do it again. We are more powerful than our enemies think’

The tweet stirs up emotion (pride) among Leavers. They may know that its not entirely accurate – but they don’t care. The SENTIMENT matters more. Its a short story about British history and evokes a strong emotion.

At this point, ridiculing or fact-checking is USELESS.

Leavers also know that, by exaggerating, they will rile up Remainers and make their tweet / video / article go even further.

And by arguing about THEIR views, we are not only exposing that story and emotion to more people, we are having the debate on their terms.


I know what you’re thinking. How the heck do we counter this?
Two choices.
1) Ignore it so it doesn’t go viral.
2) Counter with your own story

For e.g.: WW2 & Marshall Plan are actually a great example of international solidarity & alliances – which is why the EU was created.

Without a counter-story we only have facts & outrage.

But people forget facts or ignore them (‘so what, he still has a point about our past!’ – many will say). And outrage only helps boost the Leave message.

Without a counter-story we bring a knife to a gunfight.

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