Opinions of the masses are manufactured by mechanisms unseen.

1. In the 1890s, there was a popular saying among German Socialist Democrats: “anti-Semitism is the socialism…

1. In the 1890s, there was a popular saying among German Socialist Democrats: “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.” This was inspired by Karl Marx’s theory that socialism is immune to exploitation by Jewish capitalists, and hatred of Jews was actually hatred of capitalism. t.co/0W5aonUR08
2. According to Marx, anti-capitalist ideologies like socialism and communism are immune to Jewish exploitation because the means of production are stripped from Jewish capitalists and collectivized.
3. Ironically, during the Bolshevik Revolution, Jewish capitalists simply handed over the means of production to Jewish bureaucrats. But after the fall of the USSR in 1991, the means of production fell right back into the hands of Jewish capitalists. But I digress. t.co/UfyWwCeFop
4. Before Marx, most animus towards Jews was based in religion (e.g. Martin Luther). Marx refined this thinking, pinpointing the commercial nature of Judaism as the source of animus towards Jews. Incidentally, the biological basis of Jew-hate would come later… t.co/MVfW4c1cil
5. Marx claimed that Judaism was the blueprint for capitalist exploitation & Jews were just led astray by its doctrine. From Marx’s “On the Jewish Question” (1843):

“What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.”

Hebrew bible scripture 👇 t.co/CtVQv6nM7E

6. Marx believed that the commercial nature of Judaism was manifest in capitalism, which had been adopted by Jew and Christian alike. From Marx’s essay, “On the Jewish Question:”

“The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians have become Jews.” t.co/Po94loAz86

7. Marx wasn’t condemning ethnic Jews so much as he was condemning Judaism, of which he claimed everyone was an adherent via capitalism. Marx, an ethnic Jew, commonly referred to Jews in the third person because, as an Atheist, he considered himself liberated from his Jewishness. t.co/M98iAPnB4u
8. Like most people at the time, Marx believed Jews could extricate themselves from their Jewishness by renouncing Judaism. Although Johann Blumenbach first referred to Jews as a race in 1775, they were still considered Caucasians and baptism was considered a cure for Jewishness. t.co/qR5sdwIirp
9. Contrary to Jewish claims, Marx wasn’t anti-Semitic; he was anti-Judaic. Racial hatred of Jews (anti-Semitism) wouldn’t be conceived until 20 years after Marx wrote On the Jewish Question, and it stayed on the fringe until Wilhelm Marr popularized it 40 years later in 1881. t.co/3DfS3VM9VC
10. Unsurprisingly, Jews have now strategically characterized any criticism of their behavior and criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism” – a racial hatred of Jews. This ploy turns the tables on their critics because society abhors “racists” more than everything else. t.co/oI9hDMcBMJ
11. Frederick Engels, Marx’s frequent collaborator who also blamed Judaism for Jewish capitalistic exploitation, even wrote a defense of ethnic Jews after Marx’s death, proving that their criticism of Jews was spiritual, not biological as “anti-Semitism” confers. t.co/onWRPcT9uU
12. So while Marx rebuked Judaism for its commercial nature, this sentiment had existed long before Marx was born. Jesus was actually the first to criticize the commercial nature of Judaism 👇 t.co/s05iv90DmB
13. Now, let’s look at Jews living in capitalist countries today. It is irrefutable that Jews are overrepresented in what Marx called the “Bourgeoisie” class. But who are these exploitative, Jewish capitalists that Marx was referring to? t.co/fzwBuMMK6y
14. Today, there are many exploitative Jewish capitalists that fit Marx’s description. For example, the Jewish Sackler family who single-handedly started the US opioid epidemic for profit. Court documents from a lawsuit filed against the Sacklers revealed their lust for money 👇 t.co/dYYGnZxLPt
15. Or Jewish Glencore founder Marc Rich who was indicted for tax evasion, racketeering, and fraud, and subsequently fled the US. He even purchased oil from Iran while they were under US sanctions during the 1979 hostage crisis & sold it to Israel via a secret pipeline. t.co/pxb9qWwScw
16. But perhaps even more exploitative than the Sacklers or Marc Rich is a pair of Jewish capitalists who exploit millions of taxpayers for profit. To meet them, we’ll have to travel to the sunny state of California – home of the $4.5 billion corporation, Wonderful Company. t.co/vAXHDxShW6
17. Wonderful Company is the world’s largest almond and pistachio agricultural producer. Half of all Americans have consumed at least one of Wonderful’s various products. Wonderful also produces the top-selling bottled water product in the US, Fiji Water. t.co/O5wL3LH27J
18. Wonderful Company is owned by Stewart & Lynda Resnick. During a drought in 80s, this Beverly Hills Jewish couple nabbed 180,000 acres of farmland in California to build their agricultural empire; just like the Jewish opportunists who nabbed Russian assets after the USSR fell. t.co/HAyUF8kkZD
19. The Resnicks’ story is no tale of rags to riches. Lynda’s family amassed a fortune in Hollywood after producing the 1950s cult classic movie, The Blob. Stewart made his way West from New Jersey when his uncle bought a strip mall in Long Beach, California. t.co/Un4a9Yqz41
20. In 1978, the Resnicks purchased their first 640-acre plot of farmland as a hedge against inflation in Lost Hills – a town in the San Joaquin Valley. But it wasn’t until a six-year drought in the 1980s that they acquired farmland roughly six times the size of San Francisco. t.co/XV4Uljkcst
21. Lost Hills lies in the dryest part of the San Joaquin Valley – an area prone to frequent droughts, just northwest of Bakersfield (map below). Stewart Resnick, who has never even sat on a tractor, once admitted, “I’m from Beverly Hills – I don’t know good land from bad land.” t.co/HMMtKCYx2y
22. As the largest citrus and nut producers in the US, the Resnicks need more water than the local Kern River supplies. After all, a single almond requires a gallon of water to grow & the Resnicks have 5 million almond trees. So the Resnicks pump water from the San Joaquin Delta. t.co/7cXoPmGUAq
23. But environmental groups have warned about the damage the Resnicks are doing by overdraining the San Joaquin Delta, threatening the Delta’s already endangered wildlife. Consequently, draining was curtailed when the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) was passed in 1993. t.co/1jI73NoyFP
24. Subsequently, the Resnicks threatened to sue California’s Department of Water Resources because it could no longer honor every pre-existing water contract that came with the Resnicks’ farmland when they purchased it; the state needed to protect endangered wildife. t.co/7vzS3q6eMn
25. Apparently, to avoid a lawsuit, California’s Department of Water Resources mysteriously decided to give the Resnicks control of its largest underground water reservoir – Kern County’s 488 billion gallon water bank – even though taxpayers spent $150 million developing it. t.co/lJlMjGJ0jc
26. According to the Natural Heritage Group, the Resnicks were the catalyst behind this unconstitutional gift, which was developed specifically so Californians wouldn’t have to ration water during California’s frequent droughts. t.co/3II63sXbSi
27. For over 20 years, groups have tried suing to reverse the transfer and integrate the Kern water bank back into the state’s water management plan. Not only were environmentalists excluded from the original meeting, a prior environmental review was never conducted by the state. t.co/Wa0qqvbvXL
28. With control of the Kern water bank, the Resnicks are now able to drain the Delta, store that water in the Kern water bank until there is a drought, then sell the water back to the state at a premium, making massive profits at the expense of taxpayers. t.co/J7Xz3f2Cpj
29. The Delta water, although restricted, is part of California’s State Water Project which allocates taxpayer-subsidized surface water to farmers to curb groundwater pumping from underground water banks like Kern. But this doesn’t stop the Resnicks from overdraining Kern anyway. t.co/o7wcMEjHfW
30. Why does the state seek to curb groundwater pumping? Because it sinks the land and damages canals, bridges and other infrastructure that taxpayers will have to fix. According to NASA, the land has sunk 30 feet from overdraining and the Resnicks are the prime culprit. t.co/XvfuM2wR8Y
31. With plans to use subsidized Delta water to expand their crop acreage another 40% by 2020, the Resnicks sought to undermine the restrictive Endangered Species Act that protects the Delta. To do this, they enlisted the help of fellow Jew, Senator Dianne Feinstein. t.co/HgB7JcXVFo
32. In September 2009, the Resnicks wrote a letter to Senator Feinstein requesting that she urge Obama to commission a new study on the Delta, claiming its protections are based on “sloppy science.” Within days, Feinstein got Obama to agree to the new study. t.co/Wlt3mqarQ9
33. Fortunately for the Resnicks, Feinstein is part of the tribe and also the Chairman of the Senate Appropriation Committee’s energy and water panel. It helps that the Resnicks have donated $5 million to incumbent politicians and the DNC too. One hand washes the other. t.co/0uos5ZRWi2
34. To the Resnicks’ chagrin, the new study, which was conducted by the reputable National Academy of Sciences, confirmed that the San Joaquin Delta was on the brink of collapse because of overdraining. And guess who paid for this $750,000 unnecessary study? American taxpayers. t.co/zXjW9gYxcV
35. Despite the National Academy of Sciences’ conclusion that the Delta was on the brink of collapse, Jewish California Senator Feinstein amended a federal appropriations bill during a lame duck session of Congress to allow 30% more water to be drained from the Delta anyway ✡ t.co/iScbl20EFI
36. Feinstein justified her decision to overdrain the Delta by claiming it would save thousands of jobs. However, this claim was proven to be a lie. When questioned about it later, Feinstein’s camp responded that “it was a staff mistake.” 🐂💩

Days without Jewish tricks: 0 t.co/24oYXauV9f

37. The reality is the Resnicks are largely insulated from droughts due to their access to billions of gallons of underground water in the Kern water bank. Not to mention, most of their employees are illegal immigrants and don’t belong in the U.S. anyway. t.co/3MuLCvveCN
38. In fact, the Resnicks are a top employer of illegal immigrants in California. Of the Resnicks’ 4,500 workers, almost all are illegal immigrants from Latin America. And every child born to the Resnicks’ illegal immigrant employees is instantly granted US citizenship. t.co/0ZGoR0Ny1H
39. These illegal employees live in Lost Hills, where the Resnicks’ farmland is located. Lost Hills has no police force, no sidewalks, no drinkable tap water, and most people live in trailers. The population is 97% Hispanic, of which 70% weren’t even born in the US. t.co/AlNmFjwlTf
40. Lost Hills lies in the San Joaquin Valley, which has the highest teen pregnancy rate, worst gang violence, and worst smog in the nation, mainly from irrigation pumps. And with the Resnicks only paying workers $8/hour, it also has one of the lowest per capita incomes. t.co/RclI48TJxL
41. So how much water do the Resnicks divert from the residents of California to their almond, pistachio, and citrus crops? Every year, they use almost as much water as the entire city of Los Angeles – a city that accounts for over 10% of California’s total population. t.co/z76DkLN5mF
42. Why does it matter that the Resnicks control so much of California’s water? Because 38 million Californians are forced to cut water consumption by 25% due to droughts – which is roughly the same amount of water the Resnicks use just on their five million almond trees. t.co/YWbO06mP4q
43. The Resnicks even use wastewater from oil companies to irrigate their crops. And despite collecting 300,000 signatures, petitioners have been unable to stop them from using this water that contains cancer-causing chemicals like ethylbenzene. t.co/isylvXXuro
44. This is likely why most of Asia and the Middle East prefers Iranian pistachios to the Resnicks’ pistachios. To compete with Iranian pistachio exporters, the Resnicks have used American politicians to lobby foreign countries to implement tariffs on Iranian pistachios. t.co/FccS7Eghci
45. Iranian pistachios used to be America’s preferred pistachio until President Carter sanctioned Iran in 1979. Now, the Resnicks donate large sums of money to the Israeli lobby to make sure those sanctions stay in place and Iran remains in a permanent state of blockade. t.co/1JMS73NzlG
46. Even Israelis prefer Iran’s pistachios but they’re repackaged in Turkey to disguise the fact that Israel is importing a product from a country that the US sanctions for Israel, forcing Americans to eat the Resnicks’ inferior pistachios while Israelis eat Iranian pistachios. t.co/MUV7jpW7OW
47. Despite Israel’s preference of Iranian pistachios over the Resnicks’ Pistachios, the Resnicks have a good relationship with their Jewish homeland. Here is the IDF promoting the Resnicks’ Fiji Water brand on Twitter. t.co/5aQFDAzlfS
48. Incidentally, the model used for that Fiji Water campaign was actually a cardboard cutout. The Resnicks decided to use a cutout of the model instead of paying the actual model, despite having earned $12 million for the Resnicks. t.co/wRN42jfLjk
49. The Resnicks are no strangers to duplicity like this. They once promoted their pomegranate drink as a cure for erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer and the Federal Trade Commission sued them for false advertising. They were subsequently forced to retract the false claims. t.co/rYGeMsj2cF
50. What’s next for the Resnicks? They have lobbied California officials to build tunnels that would pump water from the Sacramento River to their Kern water bank. This will cost taxpayers over $60 billion. Yet many of these same politicians won’t agree to $5B for a border wall. t.co/hvenAadoMk
51. To sum up, the Resnicks made billions by privatizing a vital public resource while fellow “Americans” are forced to ration water and fund infrastructure projects to make them richer. They also kill wildlife, employ thousands of illegals, and are literally sinking California. t.co/NRaNfXWmf2
52. So why did Marc Rich neglect his duty to his country to pay taxes; why did the Sackler family foist an opioid epidemic upon their country for profit; and why did the Resnicks force their countrymen to ration water so they can plant even more almond trees? t.co/l5Ep0ZpCiL
53. According to Marx, they’re just following the doctrine of Judaism and its offshoot, capitalism. But there is a different reason why Jews never subordinate their own interests for the interests of their country; why patriotism is useless to Jews, as Harry Trachtenberg says 👇 t.co/X77vVw2lV6
54. To illustrate Jews’ lack of patriotism, we can compare the states with the highest percentage of Jews to the states ranked as least patriotic. 7 of the top 10 states ranked as least patriotic (right) are among the top 10 states with the highest percentage of Jews (left). t.co/qAWgSCufZP
55. The lack of patriotism among Jews is most apparent in the US military. Since Jews are approximately 2% of the US population, the commensurate number of Jews in the US military should be 42,000. However, there are fewer than 4,000. t.co/KQ5GBV1rQC
56. Marx wasn’t alone in blaming Judaism for the lack of cohesion between Jews and the people of their host nation. Nineteenth century philosophers like Rousseau (left) and theologians like Johann Michaelis (right) blamed Mosaic law for Jews acting as a nation unto themselves. t.co/BANUpLyM3d
57. Incidentally, Karl Marx (aka the secular Moses) sought to abolish Judaism for its commercial nature, but he also wanted to abolish Christianity so Christians don’t also view Jews as “others.” Even if the state is secular, the population must be forced to give up Christianity. t.co/dlvME46Ore
58. Think about Marx’s audacious proposal: an entire nation’s native majority population must be violently forced to give up their spiritual belief in God so that the miniscule Jewish squatter population residing within their nation feels more at home. t.co/iIdGfUTtDD
59. But finally we arrive at the real reason why Jews see themselves as distinct from their host nation’s population, & it isn’t Judaism. It’s their ancestry – i.e. their BLOOD. If blood is the basis of Jewish identity, will they ever truly regard non-Jews as part of their tribe? t.co/X2023LUN0b
60. So if Jews believe their blood makes them Jewish, doesn’t this validate the Nazi belief that Jews are not biologically German?

Jews: our blood makes us Jews.
Nazis: our blood makes us German.
Jews: Racist! t.co/Er2ABIKB8U

61. While Marx sought to erase every distinction between people to establish population cohesion, Hitler believed cohesion was determined by a single distinction: race. Ironically, Israel’s immigration policy is race-based and there’s no shortage of patriotism among Israelis. t.co/Ih6OKWzh9s
62. Thus, Jews believe to be Jewish, one must have Jewish ancestry; but to be German, one must simply stand within the borders of Germany. t.co/HOkElAivQX
63. Israel’s jus sanguinis (right of blood) immigration policy can be contrasted with nations in which the Jewish diaspora live: they all have a jus soli (right of soil) immigration policy, allowing Jews to simply stand within the borders of Western nations and become citizens. t.co/SKl0fbGQq2
64. Of course, Hitler’s attempt to create a German nation consisting of only ethnic Germans with German blood was deemed racist by our Jewish arbiters of virtue, because it necessarily excluded Jews.

✔Jewish right to self-determination
❌German right to self-determination t.co/6S1VWyVB6d

65. The racial, nation-state doctrine espoused by Hitler and currently instituted in Israel obviously sets a bad precedent for the diaspora living in Western countries founded on the backs of European people. So they frequently lob milquetoast criticism at Israel. t.co/Yv6HnbJIpF
66. But non-Zionist Jews are not advocating for non-Jewish immigration into Israel. They only advocate for Palestine to be recognized as a state, which will not affect the Jewish character of Israel. Jews know the mass immigration they advocate for the West would destroy Israel. t.co/XNRjZdKbyq
67. The small number of Satmar and Neteuri Karta Jews that are actually anti-Zionist simply believe their messiah must come before Israel is restored – they don’t care about Palestinians. But these Jews comprise less than 1% of all Jews. And they still believe goyim are animals. t.co/BWjwsxdfWZ
68. Israeli Jews will never allow the Palestinians they exiled in 1948 to return home. After the exile, Jews redistributed their homes to Jewish immigrants. Meanwhile, Jewish orgs have sued countries to return Jewish property seized during WW2. Tough luck, Palestinians. t.co/X3i8sWBMeU
69. So we’ve exposed the hypocrisy whereby Jews attempt to stigmatize the racial identity of white Europeans as “racist” while secretly maintaining their own racial identity as Jews. Why? Because white European identity is de facto anti-Semitism. Hitler sums this up 👇 t.co/Gg9RXODEI0
70. But there’s more hypocrisy: goyim are racist for regarding Jews as “others,” but Jews are never rebuked for seeing goyim as “others.” Jews have over 4,000 orgs advocating solely for Jewish interests in the US – but they don’t want goyim to see them as Jews, but as Americans. t.co/un5XA9qVEH
71. And it’s not just the 4,000 tax-exempt pro-Jewish groups in the US – there are pro-Jewish laws, an anti-Semitism envoy appointed by the President, school curriculums about the Holocaust, & taxpayer-funded security solely for Jewish schools. But don’t think of them as “others” t.co/dku2iptW30
72. The Jewish fear that European-descended white people will reclaim their racial identity and start advocating their own racial interests conjures images of Hitler and the National Socialists. So how do they plan to keep white people from waking up and history repeating? t.co/xFT0Ln6qsu
73. Censorship and intimidation. Jews know the eugenics movement of the late 19th century gave rise to the blood-based ideology of the Third Reich, and they will do everything in their power to obfuscate the biological basis of race and browbeat race realists into submission. t.co/2EQ8RuGDEV
74. Jewish media undermines human biological diversity with their mantra “race is a social construct” and spam the continuum fallacy to support this claim. Listen goy:
– the spectrum is a continuum, so colors don’t exist
– temperature is a continuum, so it’s neither hot or cold t.co/HXeGp46td3
75. The scientific subversion of race was spearheaded by three biologists, all of which were Jewish:
1) Franz Boas
2) Richard Lewontin
3) Stephen Jay Gould

Who would have ever guessed that three Jews would lead the charge to abolish the notion of race for the goyim? t.co/vERpXYSfar

76. Franz Boas initiated the subversion of the biological basis of race when he analyzed 13,000 skulls and concluded that cranial shape and size was not correlated with race. Despite such a large sample size, he was proven to have “erred.” Funny way to spell “he lied.” t.co/j1ZXyPzldq
77. Richard Lewontin was the next Jew biologist that tried to disprove the biological basis of race. In his 1972 study, he argued that the genetic differences between continental populations was much smaller than genetic differences within populations, so race doesn’t exist. t.co/8C1UJRVbuV
78. Lewontin’s argument was so fallacious, his contemporaries actually dubbed his argument the “Lewontin Fallacy.” This term has become part of the evolutionary biology vernacular, yet race deniers continue to cite his work in their effort to serve the Jewish anti-white agenda. t.co/Eytg1td5ii
79. The next Jew to challenge the biological basis of race was Stephen Jay Gould. Gould would attempt to refute several studies demonstrating the biological basis of race in a seminal book called The Mismeasure of Man. t.co/gJnptALByl
80. Gould refuted a study by biologist Samuel Morton, who measured 1,000 skulls of Africans and Europeans and found that on average, Europeans have larger brains than Africans. Six prominent anthropologists decided to investigate Gould’s findings. t.co/1pOOswlRtZ
81. What the six anthropologists found was that Gould was wrong and Morton was correct – Europeans have larger brains than Africans on average. Some of Gould’s contemporaries even felt that Gould deliberately lied. Imagine my shock. t.co/ZnNKZToCE5
82. Despite the refutation of Gould, Lewontin, and Boas, their work opened the door for Marxists within the field of evolutionary biology. Now, anyone promoting human biological diversity is labeled a “scientific racist,” de-funded, and stripped of all accolades. t.co/PvPJvj2SfK
83. It is inconsequential that biological evidence proves the existence of race; if Jews don’t want race to exist for goyim, this message will be fed into your children’s Saturday morning cartoons until they relinquish their identity because of guilt. t.co/WKGGkic9a6
84. But it’s interesting how race isn’t enough of a social construct to abolish Affirmative Action or any other race-based set-asides aimed at subordinating white people.

Jews: race doesn’t exist
Also Jews: race exists for college admissions, white privilege, diversity hires etc t.co/ywWAlcWdEM

85. Now we must ask: what will happen if Jews persuade goyim to renounce their biological identity such that they lose all cohesion and racial solidarity? According to Hitler, absolute destruction 👇 t.co/1QjRTTApGM
86. So with their unrelenting attack on human biological diversity, Jews have brought the West one step closer to classless Marxism. But unlike Soviet Russia, Jews will probably allow Christianity to hang around since they’ve subverted it and many of its adherents are Judaizers. t.co/x3qbvaXBwJ
87. Whites are being persuaded to forsake their institutions, their history, their race, their ancestry, their biology – their identity – for the sole reason that they created cohesion and solidarity at one time in the past – a time that was particularly bad for Jews. t.co/AVFcMDjkJZ
88. Congratulations, you made it 👏🎂

⛔End. t.co/rVVPI11D4q

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