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swapping disney protagonist faces with their antagonist: a thread https://t.co/vYtQwosCqB

swapping disney protagonist faces with their antagonist: a thread t.co/vYtQwosCqB
nobody smiles like gaston t.co/mUG3rDjMC9
JAFAR LOOKS SO SMOOTH (?) t.co/ktmhEpsia6
my two personalities before making me do something stupid t.co/rVZwsmEHZT
god has given up on us t.co/vqD7cV2IZj
this one is fucking hilarious t.co/HuDLogkgof
i think i should stop here t.co/aO9tnDVmr6
ain’t they related or sumn t.co/6UWLiCQ9yc
even satan doesn’t want me t.co/767mZ6SQdb
this feels VERY illegal t.co/hnJSQZjl9U
im gunna piss myself laughing i can’t believe i created this t.co/SUMPEyyt0m
i’m back with more, due to popular demand. who knew these guys had the same eyebrows t.co/CJutfDKROL
at this point i’m open for suggestions t.co/tmg4iT8rcr
im awake and ready for business 😎 also thanks for 80k that’s fucken wild t.co/Lp5eSbXQPN
the first half were created by @friendscallmep and the other half were my own, inspired by the idea! thanks for all the comments, but it’s not all my own work! it was a great idea and i expanded on it, i hope you like what i made and please support the other artist here! 🙂

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