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I’m going to give my opinion on scanlations. As a Japanese-English bilingual manga artist I’m aware of…

I’m going to give my opinion on scanlations. As a Japanese-English bilingual manga artist I’m aware of opinions on all sides and I feel obligated to talk about this. It’s a very unpopular opinion and I’m going to lose a lot of support but here we go. t.co/TWCuJKLknr
Piracy of manga is a HUGE issue in Japan and many artists (esp the smaller ones) are suffering because people aren’t buying manga anymore since they can read illegal uploads for free. That’s why Japanese artists are very sensitive about scanlations, please be respectful of that.
Whether there is an official English release or not, it’s ILLEGAL to pirate paywalled content. It’s extremely unfair to all the fans that paid – regardless of nationality. What gives the English audience the right to read for free? Just bc everyone does it doesn’t make it okay.
How will I read manga without scanlations” Don’t read manga then, you’re not a paying customer. People feel entitled to free entertainment nowadays, but this is our JOB. Can’t afford it? Save up. Artists love it when people read their manga but we aren’t running a charity.
What about the foreign fans” Most manga artists aren’t joyful to have an English fanbase built upon illegally pirating their content…… It’s also very demoralizing to see people read your hard work for free because when people read scanlations and don’t pay, (cont)
that says “Your work isn’t worth paying for”. That might not be your intention, but that’s how it comes across to the artist!

“But you’re getting exposure! People wouldn’t know about you if it weren’t for scanlations” Well is exposure putting a roof over anyone’s head??!!

My patreon is in English. Is it okay if a Russian reader took my patreon only content, translated it to Russian, and uploaded it on Russian websites? “Well you didn’t offer rewards in Russian and they wouldn’t have paid for it either way” DO YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THAT SOUNDS???
If you’re gonna read scanlations, find ways to support the artist MONETARILY so they can keep writing manga. Artists need a roof over their head. If they can’t make a living they will quit and there will be no more new content. Put your money where your support is even if (cont)
that means buying a Japanese copy that you don’t understand. Full disclosure, I used to read scanlations back in middle/high school but I ALWAYS bought the entire manga series when I went to Japan to support the artists. Unfortunately this isn’t something that a lot of people do.
Also @ Japanese publishers, it is YOUR JOB to promote your artists properly and PROVIDE ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS!! Please make translations more readily available so people can support the manga legally. Lots of foreign fans would love to support if they had means to buy the series!!
Websites that make ad revenue off of illegal scanlations need to get their asses dragged to court. No way it’s okay for them to make money off of a comic when the original artist doesn’t make a single cent from it. It also hurts the artist because “Why buy manga if it’s free”.
When western artists say “Don’t repost my art” they are taken very seriously but when an Asian artist says it, why do people start justifying and brushing it off? Why do western audiences feel ENTITLED to free manga/manhwa? Is it people taking advantage of the language barrier??
RESPECT artists when they tell you to not pirate art and support them monetarily through any means possible bc no one knows how long they can continue making art. Monetary support allows artists to keep creating for longer and it gives them motivation to create better content.
okay i will hop off my soap box, this is very out of character for me but i wanted to send out a PSA bc a lot of japanese artists are suffering and they don’t have the means to express their feelings in english 🙂 thank u for listening and i hope that provided insight!
ALSO the Russian reader thing is just an example (it fit the word count for a tweet haha), i love my Russian readers!! 😂🙇‍♀️✨

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